Welcome to join us to our own immersive VR Pavilion Finland!

VR Pavilion Finland was handcrafted during the summer of 2020 to host Match XR and future events in Virtual Reality.
Located in AltspaceVR, it’s a beautiful, otherworldly and versatile venue that is inspired by the Nordic midnight sun, expressionism, surrealism and endless creative potential of VR. It couldn’t exist anywhere (else).

It consists of two spaces, the main pavilion and an inspiring presentation amphitheater. The main pavilion has an open community area for networking, smaller special meeting rooms upstairs and a teleportation zone into partner worlds on the ground floor.

The main program happens at the beautiful amphitheatre, and it is something you do not want to miss. At Match XR 2020 you can hear what innovative Finnish XR companies, artists and scientists have created, and chat with them face-to-face after presentations.


Since Altspace supports community created environments, our partners can let their creativity flow and create their own amazing VR worlds into Altspace, which will be linked into our main hub’s expo area via teleport. It’s an experimental take on virtual exhibitions, and all the worlds will remain linked to our venue and freely accessible for all Altspace users also after our event. Partners can either use space templates and world editor tools of Altspace – or go all in, impress, design and upload their own Unity scene.

The entrance to VR Pavilion Finland: lilac coloured calm atmosphere with a few cherry blossom trees and light bulb chains.
The Amphitheatre of VR Pavilion Helsinki. The sky is open and lilac coloured with some northern lights.
The main square of VR Pavilion Finland. There is a big ball of concrete in the middle of the square, and it is covered in roots. There is a lilac and calm atmosphere.
VR Pavilion Finland in it's full glory surrounded by grassy hills. There is a blue vertical light coming in the centre of the venue, and a round object is surrounding the space. In the background is a clear sky with northern lights.