Like at all the previous Match XR events, the attendees of Match XR 2020 had the opportunity to experience the current state of the Finnish XR industry. Our event was full of interesting speeches and presentations. Between the performances guests had time to experience a new virtual venue and community hub called VR Pavilion Finland. With the portals of AltspaceVR, guests also had the chance to visit unique virtual worlds created by our partners.



Companies & organisations interested in new solutions in VR & AR
Companies and startups looking for partners & contacts globally
Finnish XR companies & industry experts
Academics & investors


With Match XR 2020 and our brand new virtual venue, VR Pavilion Finland, our mission was to create a memorable, informative and interesting experience. A happening, which is possible only in Virtual Reality and rethinks the concept of a virtual conference.

It gives Finnish XR (extended reality) companies a chance to shine and connect globally, and for international audiences, it offers an unique opportunity to meet and experience the professionals of the Finnish XR field in a special way.


Two investors standing in the event area


For the last few years Match XR, the single largest one-night virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR) dedicated event in Finland, has gathered the Finnish XR community together to celebrate and connect the best solutions and creators in the business to investors, clients and colleagues.

In 2019 our event was held at Metropolia UAS premises in Helsinki, Finland on 20 November 2019, and it had over 750 guests. The event program consisted of presentations from Varjo and Steven LaValle, 37 exhibitor booths from the Finnish XR scene, a Telia XR Challenge, and several case studies.

As the corona pandemic heavily affected international traveling and events during 2020, Match XR 2020 was arranged in virtual reality. The event was held on 25 November 2020, and it was available through the virtual platform AltspaceVR and a Youtube live stream. Match XR 2020 program consisted of 17 presentations from 23 speakers, and 17 virtual partner worlds that were open for visitors during the whole event. In the end, Match XR 2020 gathered an astonishing 900 attendees from 36 different nationalities.

Steven M. Lavalle on the stafe at Match Up 2019 event


Helsinki XR Center (HXRC), the home of Extended Realities, is an incubator for talent, a cultural hub for co-creation and learning for all XR artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, students and enthusiasts in the field of virtual and augmented reality. 

HXRC supports Finnish XR startups by offering office space and equipment, mentoring, community, events for networking purposes, and carries out RDI (research, development & innovation) projects with universities.

HXRC also offers different services, XR Workshops for companies and organisations, special facilities, venues and business coaching for early stage startups in Helsinki Arabia district.

The center is located in Helsinki Arabia next to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences culture campus. HXRC is operated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences together with Finnish Virtual Reality Association FIVR. The Center is powered by the City of Helsinki, Business Finland.

Santeri Suominen at HXRC

HXRC Mission

HXRC opened its doors in early 2019 and had collaborated with 22 learning institutions, over 75 companies,  over 100 XR Showroom visits, 25 XR Hub teams and over 30 XR events with guests over 2000.

HXRC aims to become the largest innovation, development and startup center in the Nordics dedicated to VR and AR technologies. 

Our mission is to continue the ambassador work in the field of Finnish XR. 

XR Developers Hub

Helsinki XR Center’s developer hub is designed to support early stage XR teams in Finland by providing access to crucial developer resources, knowledge and community.

Teams retain complete ownership of their intellectual properties while receiving free office space and shared equipment, such as computers and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, but also mentoring, business coaching, contacts, and access to events.

People behind HXRC

Our HXRC Team is a innovative, inspiring group of talented people of researchers, technology specialists, start-up experts, hub masters, ecosystem pundits, project lead professionals, event producers, social media pros and amazing advisors. 

Are you interested in co-operating with us?  We have a team who’d love to help you find the best way to meet and work with us.

Check out our services and contact us via email: info (at ) helsinkixrcenter.com.

Helsinki XR Center crew